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2004-11-01 - 11:08 p.m.

holy stress batman...
i am currently fielding tech calls for for their final push and let me tell you. frustrated non-savvy computer people are really hard to calm down. to top it off, today is my first day in my month long stint of not drinking in a last ditch attempt to lose weight. guess who lost that one. a glass of wine was necessary after that last call. she kept saying 'you are NOT helping me. i am going to call back and get someone who can. i could not help her because she was not being specific enough. and then getting click-happy and had to spend time waiting for stuff to load. i was finally able to help her. thank god. i was feeling like a totally inept rube. otherwise all of the other calls have made me feel like i was helping. phew.

ok - my halloween party was a hit. problems did arise however. 1) i decided to go for a really plunging neck 70's retro jumper to go with my orange wig. one of my co-workers that was pretty tipsy decided that my breasts were not perky enough so we got ahold of some duct tape and fixed that problem...which led to other problems later. i will get to that. all was going well and everyone had great costumes on and much fun was being had by all. plus much booze was being consumed. at one point i was fem-botting people with my now perky breasts that really was a hit with some of my friends.
2) one of these friends had been a great help because my car would not start due to condensation on the distributor cap or something and a jump didn't help so he drove me to the store for my final party needs. very sweet of him.
3)did not get everything together till around 9 when the kiddie party was coming to a close but that still went off w/out a hitch. the adults started showing as the kids left, my daughter going to a friend's house for the nite. so i was still completing my outfit as people were there. there was a lot of plunging cleavage to go around so it wasn't all me. but, and here is where the 3rd problem came into play, my friend that helped me really thinks that we should date, i don't. eventually he became intoxicated enough to insist that i go outside and chat with him about the issue. (around 2 am) and in the middle of the conversation in mid sentance of denial from me, i passed out on his shoulder. he put me to bed and kicked everyone out. and stayed. i awoke at 6 and was still fully clothed, including duct tape. let me tell you. that really HURT. imagine duct tape being peeled off after hours of sleeping and partying. that plus feeling like my head was about to experience brain leakage. it was no fun. but the real fun was to come much later.
4)i was iming a friend last nite and felt an itch and reached down to scratch it and suddenly felt moisture on the underside of my nose. there were apparently blisters as a result and they burst. owwwwww. and they were on the other side as well. after i applied triple anti-biotic ointment they started to itch and burn. not a lot of fun let me tell you. all day at work today i have been fighting the urge to scratch them off of my body. i will not be using duct tape anytime in the near future to give myself perkier looking breast, let me tell you.
anyway, alls' well that ends well i guess. no lasting damage. and now i am very sleepy from all of this exhausting work. nitie nite.

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